What to Expect in the Upcoming Loki Series
Paityn O'Neill May 16, 2021

As the Marvel Universe’s Phase 4 continues to expand, we gain more new and exciting shows and movies. On June 11th of this year, “Loki” premieres and will give us insight...

Review: Vibe Indy
Review: Vibe Indy
Madeline Nelsen May 14, 2021

Vibe Indy is the newest health food restaurant here in Fishers. It is an inventive one stop shop for someone on the go. They describe themselves as “a healthy café serving...

Class of 2022 College Application Help Sessions
Class of 2022 College Application Help Sessions
Jodi Herd, Writer • May 7, 2021

Class of 2022, now is the time to start working on your college applications! If you would like the opportunity to receive help during this process, sign up now for a three-hour...

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The History of the Champions League
May 23, 2021

Since the Champions League final is happening on Saturday, May 29th, Let’s briefly go over some history of the Champions League. The UEFA Champions League came around...

The Statistics Behind Sports Betting
Gabriella Haynes May 21, 2021

Throughout the years, the act of sports betting has remained a popular activity amongst many Americans. Most fantasy sports leagues provide an open platform for fans to wager...

100 Days Till College Football
Gabriella Haynes May 20, 2021

Week 0 of the 2021 College Football season is now an even 100 days away. Everyone is counting down till the first kickoff. With the end of the coronavirus pandemic approaching,...

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S2 EP10- HSETV On The Road: Shake Shack
Eric Bedrosian, Zachary Vance, and William Cantwell May 16, 2021

In the final episode of the season before the release of HSETVOTRTM, the crew checks out Shake Shack in downtown Fishers at the Fishers District....

S2 EP9- HSETV On The Road: Ohana Donuts
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