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He said, She said | How to ask someone out

He Said…

Ah, the stresses that the simple act of asking someone out can generate. For instance, around homecoming, the atmosphere in the school is almost ripe with the stress. People who go to the dance stag or with friends may not understand, but those who anticipate the event with a special someone certainly do. Since homecoming is not as big of a deal as, say, prom, asking someone to accompany you is not considered anything major by most people. Others, however, disagree. It all depends on a person’s personality.

The more romantic characters want to put effort into asking someone to homecoming; everyone else just does it without grandeur. From a male perspective, I think if a boy is asking someone, then he should decide how he would want to be asked. If he would want it to be done in some grand manner, then he should ask his chosen date in a grand manner. Be creative. If his date would not want to be asked to the dance in a showy manner, then stick with a simple proposal. When asking the lucky guy or girl, the ultimate goal is for the potential date to say yes, and the best way to ensure that they do is to please them.

If I wanted someone to be my date to homecoming, I wouldn’t want to blandly ask them if they would be my date and have them think I’m not that interested in them, but I also would not want to overdo it and possibly overwhelm them.

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My view on the subject may be considered old fashioned by some, but I believe that asking someone out to homecoming, (or in general), has no answer that works for everyone. The best way to ask someone to be your date is to make them happy.

Joseph Alcala, staff writer


She said…

Some girls want to be asked to homecoming in a massive, sensational approach; while other girls rather to go to homecoming with their friends without a date. For the girls who want to have a date for homecoming, after all, boys may do too much.

These girls might want their potential date to buy flowers, teddy bears and their favorite treats, or to make a poster asking her to homecoming. She may want him to ask her in front of the whole student body. I, on the other hand, believe this extravagance is unnecessary. I would rather a boy just be himself. If he wants to go all out buying material things, then surprising me with a Starbucks drink with “Be my date to homecoming!” as the name is perfectly fine.

I really do not like accepting material items when being asked to a dance. The flowers and teddy bears are nice, but eventually the flowers are going to die and the teddy bear will just sit on my bed. Also, for the majority of the night I will not be with my date. I would rather be with friends, having a good time. Unlike prom, having a date to homecoming is really not a big deal to me.

I think the girls should ease up on their expectations of boys. A girl should let a boy be himself, and not get upset because he did not shower her with gifts. Going out and having a good time on the night of the dance is what really matters.

Ariel Edwards, staff writer

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