TED Indianapolis reaches out to students

Demi Vigren, Staff Writer

On Tuesday, Oct. 21, English teacher Kelsey Habig took nine students from her 2013-2014 Genius Hour class downtown to see TED Talks Indianapolis. Back then, Genius Hour was only present for her seventh period English 11 students. It has converted this year into almost all her classes because of the success from the previous year.

TED Talk Indianapolis was not only a field trip for the students, but also something they could relate to because those students performed something just like it last year. Students from Habig’s former seventh period Genius Hour class were thrilled to see something they did come to life in a real setting.

Senior Makenzie Spaulding, one of the nine students who went, believes  the TED Talks were worth the extra money and time away from school to go and watch all day.

“It was one-hundred-percent worth missing school to go to this TEDx Event because it was not only educational, but it also opened my eyes to new ideas and concepts,” Spaulding said.

The event featured a variety of speakers with inspirational messages and talks about what someone invented, as well as what is to be seen in the future—what a typical TED Talk is supposed to be like.

“It was extremely fun. I really enjoyed getting to know the people that I went with better and learning about new things and new ideas,” Spaulding said. “[TED Indianapolis] definitely exceeded my expectations.”