Riley Dance Marathon sells Thirty One bags to raise money for Riley

Demi Vigren, Staff Writer

This year, Riley Dance Marathon (RDM) started selling Thirty One bags in order to raise money for their dance marathon for Riley Children’s Hospital in May. Not only is it an opportunity to buy cute bags, but it also helps Riley Hospital.

“It was suggested by one of our members last year and [that person] is one of our officers this year,” RDM sponsor Elizabeth Trinkle said. “The company itself runs fundraisers like this.”

Thirty One Bags makes a specific bag they want to sell for fundraisers, and RDM receives $12 per bag for every bag sold. Usually the bag prices range from $30 to $35 for the ones Riley is selling. So far, about 28 students have volunteered to sell Thirty One bags for RDM, trying to raise money for the hospital.

“If every one of those kids sells two bags, we will make over $500 for Riley,” Trinkle said. “It’s totally volunteer basis, and [the students] get credit for what they sell for the end of the year.”

Many students who are members of RDM have volunteered to go around and ask for donations and ask if people are more interested in buying fun bags instead of just donating. All the donations and fundraisers add up at the end of year at the dance marathon.