SSN: Garrett Moore Spotlight


Ready to Throw 

Senior Track Athlete Starts New Event  

   Senior Garrett Moore has been a student-athlete throughout his entire high school career. In his first two years of high school, he was on the football team. When he was a sophomore, he decided to take on a new sport in track and field. After two years of sprinting on the track team, Moore decided to take on a new event with the sport. 

   “I decided to throw shotput because I had gotten a lot bigger over the summer,” said Moore. “I got a gym membership over the summer and made sure to work out as much as possible.” 

   Moore began going to the gym usually two or three times a week to improve his strength. He began to eat much more protein enriched and healthy foods. In a span of a couple of months, Moore had improved his strength and was lifting almost twice as much as he had initially. 

   “Garrett was always looking for an opportunity to get to the gym and improve his strength and technique,” his twin brother Jackson said. “Whenever I was at cross country practice, he would be at the gym improving in any way that he could.” 

   Over the winter, Moore would continue to work out and improve. At the start of the track season, Moore knew how much he had grown in his strength and decided to throw shotput. Despite the simplicity of the event, throwing requires a great amount of precision and skill.  

   “The hardest part of throwing is definitely getting the technique down,” Moore said. “I’ve improved over the first couple of weeks because I can now throw the shotput over thirty feet.” 

   Moore’s goal for the season is to improve in any way he can and make varsity. He is the lone senior that will be throwing shotput this year. Moore has worked hard to get into the shape he is in now and will now do whatever it takes to get the most out of this track season. 

Story by Jake Willams