SSN; Kathleen Kendrick Athlete Feature

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SSN; Kathleen Kendrick Athlete Feature

Running Down The Field With Kathleen Kendrick

An open view on how one handles sports

From a young age Kathleen’s motivation to play sport’s has always been very high. After playing on the school soccer team in her middle school years, Kathleen later found her love in playing lacrosse at Hse 

Playing girls lacrosse involves many components including speed, flexibility, and strength. With that in mind Kathleen manages to keep her body fully energized by spending time in the weights room, and at practice. With playing girls lacrosse, the game is played outdoors and does not allow body contact, but does allow stick to stick contact.  

With playing lacrosse in mind, Kathleen’s position in the game varies depending on which game they play. Kathleen usually plays the “attack” position, but has also played defense multiple times. Playing lacrosse involves a lot of exercise and practice. Kathleen states that there were times where she wouldn’t get home from practice until 8:00, if a game was going to be held on the weekendShe claims Lax isn’t really a “hard sport” to play, but with anything you only get better at it if you practiceI improve my skills because I train during the off seasonbefore it comes to tryouts, Kathleen says 

Although Kathleen has lacrosse to manage, she also has her friends, as well as being on the girl’s basketball team. Kathleen, being an extravert, explains how she balances her time with lacrosse and social life, since basketball is a different season. “I really try to think of what the consequences would be like”.Whether or not Kathleen sees her friends less often during Lax season doesn’t matter, because she isn’t alone. Fellow Sophomore Shelby Sloan, close friend of Kathleen, is also on the team. “Playing lacrosse with your friends is a lot of fun because you get to see other sides of people while were playing”. 

Overall, being a sophomore on a girl’s lacrosse team definitely has its moments to show hard work and time management. Kathleen handles it in a way where she can balance everything to a great extent. And whether it be hanging with friends or passing the ball on the basketball court, Kathleen does not let her challenges overcome her passion.