SSN: Athlete Feature Jackson Williams

Rugby Over All 

How sticking with the underrated sport earned a division 1 scholarship 

Stepping onto the wet grassy field, with the dew shining like glitter, Jackson Williams shows no fear when playing rugby. No matter the opponent or the circumstance, he puts out 120% every practice and every game, and has been for a long time. 

“For rugby, it’s just the sport that my dad got me started with in fourth and fifth grade, Williams said. “So I’ve played that all the way up [until senior year].” 




Out of all four sports he has played during his high school career he stuck with the unlikely Rugby. The great team environment has kept him around and wanting to continue playing through college. He loves being an inspiration to his teammates that don’t have a “main” sport and showing them, you can be successful in a sport that doesn’t get as much attention as others. 



When Jackson is playing rugby, he is a vocal leader on the field, teammate Haneline said. “Jackson really wants to win and will do whatever to win. You can also tell that he really loves the sport and being of the field with everyone. 



Being a senior leader for the team, it has brought him responsibilities, and someone to look up to for younger teammates. Proving himself by participating in fall and spring rugby he has earned himself a Division 1 scholarship at the University of Louisville. 

Jackson is an extremely passionate athlete, and that rubs off on those around him,” said Coach Dixon. “He consistently looks to improve his game. As a leader his enthusiasm is contagious, and he is always leading by example.”



Going on to play professionally after college is an obvious goal of Jacksons, as he has loved the sport from a young age. But this year, he is looking to win his third state championship in 5 years, and continue to build his resume with his team, that he considers more of a family. Story by Lee Cook and Andrew Irick