SSN: Ty DeSplinter Athlete Feature

Uncommon Early Success

Every high school athlete has one goal for their sport, to win a state championship. Although that is everyone’s goal, not many athletes get to accomplish that goal. But now-junior Ty DeSplinter has already won two state championships and made first team all-state for lacrosse. Playing on varsity for both HSE’s lacrosse and hockey team has led to three state championship games in his first two years of high school and two of those have ended victorious.

When asked what a factor was to win the 2018 Lacrosse State Championship Ty says, “we had a bond with each other, and we played through all four quarters of every game with trust in each other.”


Ty started playing hockey around the age of 4 and says he was introduced to hockey from his uncle. The junior has been playing hockey since he was young, but lacrosse is a different story. At a young age Ty’s spring sport was baseball, but after exploring a new sport and finding many similarities to hockey, he decided to switch to lacrosse.

His mother says that, “Ty was always an aggressive kid and baseball too slow for him,” and “he wanted a new sport that was faster and a lot like hockey.” Making this transition has led to a promising future and recognition from colleges.


After being asked about his goals for the futures Ty says, “I would like to play lacrosse in college, preferably at a division 1 school, but if I don’t make it there then I will play division two.”

Over the past few years lacrosse has become an extremely popular sport for high schools and colleges. This has led many colleges to begin recruiting players and giving him the opportunity to play at the next level. Story by David DeSplinter