SSN; Nedje Fequiere Athlete Feature

The Struggles Of Shooting Hoops

Playing basketball With Nedje Fequiere 

From a young age Nedje’s motivation to play sport’s has always been very high. After playing on the school basketball team in her middle school years, she further advanced her skills when she became a member on the High School basketball team, at HSE.  

Playing girls basketball involves many components including speed, flexibility, strength, and keeping a positive mindset. With that in mind Nedje manages to keep her body fully energized by spending time in the weights room, and at practice. Outside of school, Nedje practices shooting hoops at the gym. 

With that in mind, Nedje and her teammates do find themselves often struggling to balance out their time management. “During the basketball season its really busy, and I get all my homework done by taking study hall, and getting some of it done after school, and during classes. “I procrastinate a lot”, Nedje adds Playing basketball involves a lot of exercise and practice. Both Nedje and her fellow teammates agree on not having enough time to finish their homework, and that basketball season gets really busy. “I agree with Nedje” Kathleen says, “though I also procrastinate a lot, which is not good for my mental health. Basketball practice hours start after school, and don’t usually end until 9 .

Although Nedje has basketball to worry about, she also has her family. Being the oldest sister of 5, Nedje often helps take care of her siblings, which cuts into homework time, and her social life. Whether or not Nedje scrambles to get things done, her love for basketball hasn’t changed. “What I love about basketball is getting to meet new people, and building a great relationship with my teammatesShe goes on to say “when we win, the joy that we have, and how proud of each other we are, is  Kathleen even adds that the coaching staff is amazing, and that they don’t only care about you during basketball, but also outside of it. And although homework is a struggle, “in the end basketball is super fun”.  

Overall, being a sophomore on a girl’s basketball team definitely has its moments of showing hard work and time management, Nedje and her teammates do not let what they enjoy about basketball get the most of them. After all, they are all here to have fun!