SSN: James Pflumm Athlete Feature


Friday Night Leader

Senior James Pflumm Experiences Friday Night Lights as Captain

It’s a few weeks before the first possible game of the year, a scrimmage the week before the start of the regular season. The coaches have called the players into the locker room to announce the captains: three permanent captains and the first two were fairly obvious. As they announce the third captain, referring to specific characteristics, senior James Pflumm started to realize he was picked as the third captain.


Pflumm being voted as a captain was a huge accomplishment for him. Last year, being a captain as a senior was the last thing on Pflumm’s mind. He was ready to finally start on the offensive line, but his season took a turn for the worst a week before the season when he tore a ligament in his knee.


“I was extremely upset,” Pflumm said. “It was until the trainer looked at my knee when I started to worry.”


Overcoming any season-ending injury is extremely taxing. For an offensive lineman, however, any season-ending injury involving the knee is worse due to the constant pressure is constantly the knees every snap. Pflumm had just earned the starting job before his junior year, and now he had to work harder than ever just to get back to his previous form.


“James is one of the hardest-working players in the program,” head coach Adam Morris said. “He embodies everything the coaching staff wants in a Royal football player: toughness, discipline, and maximum effort.”

However, Pflumm did more than just win the starting job. He came back better than last year and is now a leader on more than just the offensive line. He is a leader inside and outside the locker room.


“James is an outstanding leader,” Senior captain Evan Lantz said. “He is always doing the little things right on and off the field.”

Pflumm’s work ethic just to finally play on Friday nights as a captain has left a lasting impact on his head coach, as well.


“James will go down as one of my favorite players to ever coach,” Morris said. “He’s set the standard for how future captains will lead the team.”