SSN: Allie Greig Athlete Feature


Managing the Court 

Former Player Transitions Manager, Finds New Role

The lights of the gym beat down on the court as the Lady Royals volleyball team is down to their cross-town rival, the Lady Tigers of Fishers High School, 2 sets to 1 and are facing a loss that would give the team a losing record. The Lady Royals team fights back to win the set and eventually the match with hundreds of screaming fans cheering them on. 


 The volleyball team manager, Junior Allie Grieg, is in front of the bench hyping up the players and keeping the team’s enthusiasm high. Grieg, a former volleyball player, is the team’s manager and has been vital to the success of the State Finalist Lady Royals volleyball team. 


“[As a manager] you do things people normally wouldn’t think about,” Grieg said. “You take stats, you film [the match], and outside of the game you also have responsibilities.” 


This season as the manager for the Lady Royals, Grieg has made an impact on the team on and off the court. Her unfaltering dedication to the team is shown in both behind the scenes, and on gameday. 



“As a manager, she is the epitome of commitment. She comes to every practice, game, and workout as she can. She also sets the mood,” outside hitter, Junior Olivia Phillips, said, “It’s so nice to have her positive attitude… she is our number one supporter, and the team would not have gotten to where we are without her. We oftentimes take all she does for granted, but we love her, and she is a very important part of our team.” 


Grieg has connected to team seamlessly, as she played with and against many of the players on the Lady Royals team in years previously. She is considered as a teammate to the players on the team and Grieg enjoys the friendships she has made through volleyball on the playing and managerial side. 


“My favorite part would be interacting with all my friends on the team,” Grieg said. “getting to see them and hang out with them is awesome and we really have become a family [this season].” 

This season Grieg has embraced her role as a manager on the team, and her hard work shows. The team’s sixteen-game win streak and run to the State Championship has ties to her work behind the scenes. The team wouldn’t be the same without their biggest supporter and their beloved manager. Story by Tristan Fluhr