SSN: Emily Weber Athlete Feature


Varsity Spot for Emily Weber 

By: Paige Cope  

As Emily Weber dives to save the ball in practice, she and team mate laugh. Starting varsity is a huge and very serious role but also one you have to have a little fun with, and Weber knows how important it is and shows she deserves that spot.  



Weber is a current sophomore starting varsity girls volleyball. Weber is a dedicated and focused athlete who represents a proud student athlete here at HSE. Weber is well liked by her coaches and her teammates. “I started playing when I was about 4 or 5,” Weber said. “I originally only signed up because my parents were signing my sister up and I thought it would be a fun new sport to try since I had already played two other sports, but I ended up just falling in love with the game.”  


Sophomore Emi Robinson made it clear that Emily plays a very important part on the varsity volleyball team. “Emily as a teammate is so nice and so helpful towards the team,” Robinson said. “She gives us good tips on how to improve, and when we are down during a game, she is the one to help us bring our spirits back up.” Robinson said. “Emily not only gives out advice to help better the team as a whole, she takes other teams advice to better her own game to make sure she is the best she can be.”  



Varsity girls volleyball coach Jason Young also believes that Weber plays a vital role on the varsity team and their successes throughout their 22-4 season. “Playing such a crucial role in the positions guard/quarterback on varsity as a sophomore, she has handled that really well, causing her confidence to grow.” Young said. “The biggest thing for her was to get her confidence up and be comfortable. I think the breaking point for her was the huge comeback in the Mudsock game. She has just become a natural leader and is very positive person.”  

Emily has taken the privilege of being a starting varsity volleyball player as a sophomore very seriously and she has experienced many different aspects of the game and learn to grow from them. The team is all around supportive of each other and is one cohesive family and those are aspects that Weber enjoys on the team.   

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