SSN: Brandon Hart Athlete Feature


Invisible in the Eye of the School 

Almost every day after school, junior, Brandon Hart chalks up his hands and goes to work practicing his routines. Day in and day out, Hart tries his hardest to better his abilities and loves it every step of the way. Even though successful, Hart is not recognized as a school hero since the school does not have a gymnastics team. 

“I have been doing it for about ten years now,” said Hart. “I’ve dedicated most of my life to it.”  

Through his ten years of experience, Hart has been able to procure around 100 medals through the 50-100 meets that he has been to. He has also proven himself to national judges on multiple occasions, going to national meets more years than not.  

Hart has not only been able to produce results, through his practice as a gymnast, but he has made some amazing friends through the sport.  

“I have a strong relationship with my teammates,” said Hart. “ We’ve been through lots of hard times with switching coaches, and moving gyms.”  

One of those close friends is his ex-teammate of seven years, Jack Klein. In those seven years, Klein has grown to admire Hart for his ability to get back up. 

 “Brandon has great perseverance,” said Klein. “Despite many long months of injuries, he continues to excel as a gymnast.”  

Hart has hope of doing gymnastics competitively in college. He would want to do so if being offered a scholarship to a good school, in both gymnastics and in education quality. Due to a back injury from last year, he doesn’t see this happening. However, the fire in his heart is as strong as it had been when he first fell in love with the sport.