Meet HSE Junior Jake Lemieux

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Meet HSE Junior Jake Lemieux





Q: What is your favorite part of wrestling season and why?


A: My favorite part of wrestling season is being able to hang out with my teammates because we have a lot of fun and it improves our team chemistry making the season really enjoyable for everyone. It helps us improve our abilities on and off the mat.


Q: How has wrestling changes your mentality towards athletics, and life as a whole?


A: Wrestling has taught me a lot.  I’ve learned to fight through adversity, and I have better self-control because of it.  Wrestling has taught me that you must work in order to reach your goals and I plan on using that mentality throughout my life in everything we do.


Q: What does a day in the life of a wrestler look like?


A: Throughout the school day is pretty much like everyone else but after school we practice hard for about 2 and a half hours and I typically don’t get home till about 6:30 and then I do homework.  Almost every Saturday though we go to a tournament that usually lasts the whole day.  Wrestlers also have to manage their weight throughout the entire season which can get challenging, but it makes me a better more discipline person.


Q: How often do you spend working and thinking about wrestling?

A: Wrestling is a constant thing on my mind. If I am at home, I watch film on my matches trying to perfect my craft, and I practice 6 days a week usually. This sport requires maximum effort all the time.

By: Andrew Irick