SSN: Meet Bella Bankovich

Question and Answer with junior Bella Bankovich

Q: How old were you when you started to play soccer and why?

A: I started to play soccer when I was 6 years old because one of my best friends started playing and I was always with her, so I started playing too. Also, my family is really big into sports and they pushed me to play soccer.


Q: Why have you kept playing soccer throughout high school?

A: I have kept playing because I love the game itself and everything that comes with it. Whether it is bonds with my teammates or coaches.


Q: Are you planning to play soccer in college? Why?

A: Yes, I am because soccer is a huge part of my life and I could not see myself ever playing without feeling whole.


Q: What is it about soccer that stands out to you?

A: I have always had really bad hand eye coordination, so soccer really just seemed to fit me. I also loved how it is a very athletic and aggressive sport.