Human Trafficking Awareness with UNICEF


Keira Martin

January is National Human Trafficking Awareness month and HSE’s UNICEF club wanted to do something about it. Every month UNICEF picks a new focus to educate others about and get people involved with helping. Because this month’s focus is on human trafficking, the club leaders wanted its 30 club members to come up with ideas for possible fundraisers. The club’s enthusiasm was palpable, animatedly coming up with ideas and jotting them down onto messy mind maps and large pieces of paper. They came up with several ideas, various fundraisers, and function ideas to be decided on and finalized at a later date, hopefully to go into effect in March.

The club is also thinking about future fundraising ideas, possible bake sales, car washes, and sports-centered fundraisers. The leaders, Hafsa Kahn, Emma Bui, Annabelle Batuyong, Samara Black, and Lana Braham, also want to expand the club more in the future, not just with more members, but also with more awareness. Annabelle Batuyong, Director of Publicity for HSE’s UNICEF club, especially wants to raise more attention to the topics the club supports and raise money for monthly, in the future.