Bailey Lincoln

Scheduling for the 2020-2021 school year will begin this week in large groups on Tuesday for Freshman, Wednesday for Sophomores, and Thursday for Juniors. The forms you are given on group scheduling day to visualize your upcoming year’s classes will be turned in the following week on January 21 to your English teacher. For more information on classes and course descriptions, visit If you have any questions, contact your counselor:

Rob Cutter
Last names (A – Bron)

Greg Davidson
Last names (Broo – De)

Heather Flake
Last names (Dh – Gra)

Kyle Poyer
Last names (Gre – Ja)

Mary Rager
Last names (Je – L)

Brian Pletcher
Last names (M – N)

Bill Zoeller
Last names (O – R)

Kris Harney
Last names (S – Ta)

Vicki Gray
Last names (Te – Z)