SSN Investigates: Boys’ Golf Conditioning

Have you ever seen the boys golfers doing their pre-season conditioning?  If so, you might’ve asked yourself why in the world is the boys golf team doing P90X in the cardio room?  What good does that do for golf?


However, the boys golfers aren’t actually doing P90X.  They primarily do video workouts from Core de Force.


Actually, according to Ron Kaspriske from Golf Digest, a well respected golf magazine, “their (core exercises) main responsibility is to stabilize your body so you can swing powerfully without losing your balance or control of the club—no matter what kind of lie you are facing. They also help prevent injuries, specifically protecting your spinal column. To summarize: You need to do exercises that strengthen your core.”


So yes readers, you may think the golfers look silly, but what they are doing has a purpose.  The boys’ golf team has qualified for the IHSAA state tournament the last 2 years and are looking to continue this streak.


According to assistant boys’ golf coach Peter Salvadore, “The conditioning has three goals… to increase the golfers stamina, flexibility and stability… All crucial to golf swings and performance”


However it is not just the coach who believes in this type of conditioning.  Here at SSN Investigates we reached out to three different boys golfers.  We asked senior Adam Horner, junior Blake Dillow, and sophomore Tyler Lacey for their thoughts on pre-season conditioning.


“It’s kept me in better shape and it will help when we have longer rounds out on the course.” said Horner, “I know I won’t get tired which is nice and would allow me to play the best I can.”


“Conditioning has prepared me for the season by increasing my flexibility, balance and endurance.” said Dillow, “It has also helped me get to know the other guys that will potentially be on the team.”


“Golf conditioning has prepared me for the strength and endurance of a long round.” said Lacey, “The conditioning is also a long lasting affect for preventing injuries.”


As you can see, all these responses go hand in hand.  Statistics prove that core is the most important muscle group to work to improve a golf swing.  So next time you see the boys golfers don’t stare, don’t laugh, and definitely don’t record.  They’re just trying to improve their game the best they can.