SSN: Q&A with Track Athlete Cade Ogan

Usually, this is the time of the year when high school spring sports really begin to kick off. From baseball to track to golf, there are many sports that take place during this time. This year obviously has been different, as spring sports all across the nation have been postponed for some time. During this time off, athletes can either gain a lot, or lose a lot depending on their choice to keep working hard or not. For a sport like Track & Field, it is crucial to stay motivated and in shape. HSE Track athlete Cade Ogan who competes in the long distance events was able to give a little insight on how he has handled this time off.

Q: How has your training changed during this time?

A: “I think that the training environment has changed the most. We aren’t surrounded by our teammates and we don’t have someone to push us every mile. Instead it’s all up to ourseleves to do that.”


Q: What is the affect of not being able to train as a team?

A: “Not having guys who are able to challenge you on a daily basis is something that is difficult to deal with especially since those are the guys who motivate you and push you past your comfort zone.”


Q: Do you think that you will be more prepared to race after all of this if a season does end up happening?

A: “I’m not sure if I will be more prepared on a physical level. I feel like I will be just as prepared for the season as I was before. However, I think my mindset and mental toughness definitely will be better.”


Q: How have you been able to keep a positive, hardworking mindset throughout all of this?

A: “Throughout most of the break I have been able to keep a good mindset, but it’s been very difficult. I have had ups and downs and sometimes I don’t want to run but I do. I know that everyone has to do this and as long as I keep the right mindset I will be prepared for the season.”


For all athletes out there, remember to stay strong and motivated during this tough time. Story by AJ Brisben.