SSN: Keegan Lawhead Spotlight

Tristan Fluhr

From the Mats to the Scrum

Senior goes from being a varsity wrestler to one of the leaders of the HSE Rugby Team

From the fresh cut grass smelling of the new season, to the ball hitting your chest, almost knocking your breath out, to having the opponents breathing down your neck like a pack of hungry wolves, Rugby is not a sport for the faint of heart. Rugby runs in the Lawhead family, and their oldest son continues the family tradition. Keegan Lawhead is a HSE Senior who made the transition from a wrestler to one of the captains of the HSE Rugby team.

“My dad was a big push as well because he played rugby in a semi-professional league,” Lawhead said, “but it was really a couple of good friends of mine joining that got me in.”

Lawhead has made many connections outside of the friends that got him into the sport. He has stepped into a leadership role on the team and his teammate, Junior Tyler Groves, has recognized his impact.

“Keegan is a good leader,” Groves said, “He does a good job being one of the leaders of the team. He does exactly what is asked of him and he is an excellent teammate.”

“Going from wrestling to rugby brought a lot of new changes for me,” Lawhead said, “As a wrestler, you’re on your own. Sure, you have a team, but it’s all on you when you get out there. Rugby brings a lot more to the table. You have to be more of a leader, constantly communicating. You really can’t play the ‘hero’ without affecting your team poorly. Rugby makes you work together, and it helps create bonds with your teammates.”

Lawhead looks to continue to grow into his leadership role on the rugby team and continue his family tradition. As the rugby season gets underway, Lawhead will most definitely be an impact player. Story By: Tristan Fluhr