SSN: Milakyi Highsaw Spotlight


Matt Meyer

From Middle Linebacker to Middle Blocker

Milakyi Highsaw’s Journey from a varsity football player to a varsity volleyball player

Milakyi Highsaw has been an athlete his whole life. For the past 10 years, he has been playing middle linebacker in football. He loved football and he was good at it. But he was looking for something to supplement his athletics.

During Highsaw’s co-ed rec class, he played many sports. One sport that he surprisingly enjoyed was volleyball. With the help of his natural athleticism, he picked up the game quickly. After discovering his talent with volleyball, some of his friends referred him to the Boys Volleyball team.

Highsaw joined the team with no expectations. He thought playing volleyball would be a good way to stay in shape during the football offseason. Now that Highsaw has been playing volleyball for four months, he has grown to enjoy the sport and he wants to take it more seriously. As one of the biggest players on the team, he fits in perfectly for the middle blocker position. One of Highsaw’s big

gest roadblocks was the technical aspect of volleyball. He had always relied on his athleticism to be successful in sports, but in volleyball, technical skills are more important. Highsaw’s teammate, Zach Marden, said, “Milakyi has a lot of potential in volleyball. He has gotten a lot better in the short amount of time he has been playing. It’s great to have him on the team because he always brings a strong work ethic and a positive attitude.”

The other unique thing about volleyball for Highsaw was the environment. Football is the most popular high school sport at Hamilton Southeastern and many other high schools. Boys volleyball is one of the least popular sports and many people do not even know it exists. Highsaw went from playing in front of the largest high school sports crowds to playing in an empty gym. If there is one thing for sure, Highsaw will give everything he has to help both of his teams win because that is the type of athlete he is.


Story By Matt Meyer