Royals – Girls On The Run

Autumn Johnson

So much has happened this year due to circumstances, but Hamilton Southeastern is powering through it. The schools are quiet, the halls are no longer full of students, and the Royals sports teams have to work with what they were given.  

Girls crosscountry has had to make some drastic changes to stay safe. A runner on the Varsity girls cross-country team, Jackie Hurlock, talked about the changes, stating, “We’re now much more cautious and sanitary with what we do. We don’t bring tents anymore, so we aren’t as crowded. We’re a lot less organized since COVID-19 is unpredictable.” 

Girls cross-country is still trying their hardest to make their meets a win, even when the odds are against them. 


The meets are still just as exciting as they were before, with parents yelling words of encouragement to their children, and the time ticking. Runners on the cross-country team have noticed that there seem to be fewer meets than what they’re used to from previous years, so they’re making the few meets they have worth it.  

Past and Upcoming Meets 

September 5 – Away, Carmel Highschool (JV only) 

September 12 – Away, Wildcat Invitational 

September 19 – Away, Riverview Invitational  

September 22 – Home, Against Fishers Highschool (JV only)