SSN Athlete Feature: Larry Jones

Turner Graves

A New Beginning

With morning dew still fresh on the grass, senior Larry Jones finds himself on the HSE football field at the front of the line, leading the team warm ups. With whistles blowing and sweat dripping down his face, he begins to lead the next warm up drill. This has not always been the story Jones, however. Moving from North Central after his freshman year, he had to readjust and adapt to a new program, and quickly, if he wanted a shot at varsity minutes.

“I’d say I really invested myself in the new program,” Jones said. “I put faith in my team first before myself and it’s payed off.”

Jones takes pride that he is still able to handle the responsibilities of being a leader of the team. The leader position means much more to him though, going outside of just football.

“To me, being a leader means being a representative of not just my team, but my community as well,” Jones said. “When I put on those HSE colors I have the responsibility to show humility and integrity, and be a role model to younger kids, not only on the team but in the community as well.”
Photo contributed by Larry Jones

Senior teammate J.T. Mutchner has seen the impact that Jones makes for the Royals both on and off the field.

“Larry is always energetic at practice and always has something positive to say,” Mutchner said. “He’s always leading by example for the younger guys on the team.”

Although the senior linebacker got a late start with HSE football, his impact has been felt by many. His attitude and mental toughness makes him a role model to everyone in the locker room and throughout Fishers.