SSN Athlete Feature: Jack Struss

Brock Cardinal

Finding His Stride

Following a lack-luster basketball season, senior Jack Struss had an important decision to make. He had always considered himself to be a basketball player, playing on travel and school teams from third grade till eighth grade.  

As he strode into gym class on an ordinary day of middle school, he expected the same old routine as days past. However, that day had something new to offer for him. After a long-winded conversation with his middle school gym teacher, he had made his decision. He would take to the track and start running. In that same year, he would go on to place first in the county meet. 

The next school year, Struss started running cross country to keep himself in shape during the track off-season. While he prefers middistance runs over long-distance runs, he found a certain charm in cross country. 

“I like the mental battle of a 5k,” said Struss. “Pushing yourself is fun, but at the same time, it’s equally as awful. 

Running during the fall and the spring, Struss puts himself at more of a risk of injury. He’s no stranger to that aspect of sports, however. 

I’ve had many injuries,” said Struss. “The last meet of freshman year, I was crossing the finish line and I fractured my hip. Total avulsion fracture down my growth plate.” 

In addition to that, Struss claims to have had multiple shin splints, some of which evolved into stress fractures. He has also pulled his IT band on multiple occasions. 

Despite these past injuries, his teammates still hold him to a high standard. Junior Cade Ogan is one of these teammates who has been participating alongside Struss in high school. 

He is a very hard-working, focused, and determined runner,” said Ogan. “He puts his team first and gives his best effort always.” 

Outside of sports, Struss spends his time playing guitarskateboarding, and hanging out with his friends. He also built his own PC and indulges in videos games with friends in his down time. While he’s still undecided if he wants to continue sports into his college years, Struss has an optimistic view on his future. 

(Pictures contributedby Jack Struss)