SSN Athlete Feature: Carson Jaynes

Jaynes attempting to win the ball back versus Westfield High School



It’s night time, the only thing illuminating the Royals soccer stadium is the flood lights. The smell of the turf on a hot day, the feel of the black pellets in the turf. The Royals gain back possession in the midfield and pass it up to the winger who makes an excellent dribble past the opposing defender, he now has two options, to send a cross in or cut in and shoot. He sees nothing open in the middle so in a split second, he cuts in and blasts it with full power, striking it with his laces. The ball curls and sails over the goalkeeper’s head, bang! the sound of the ball striking the frame of the goal can be loudly heard. Goal!!! HSE has scored, the crowd goes wild as the huge wave of royal blue from the student section is on their feet.

This is the type of action HSE winger Carson Jaynes experiences all the time. Jaynes has been playing club soccer from a young age, and when he is not playing for HSE he plays on Indy Premiers 05 Boys Elite Two where he has learned a lot of technical aspects of the game. Outside of soccer, Jaynes likes to play video games and hang out with friends. Jaynes and the rest of the HSE Soccer Team had an intense summer, as most days would be spent training and on conditioning for the upcoming season. It is a long road to make the team but those who do say its’s a great experience, “It feels great to be on the team because knowing that I put in a lot of work into achieving my goal of being on the team has all paid off and it feels really good” Jaynes says. Jaynes does indeed work very hard as the HSE soccer team has 6 practices per week.


As hard as Jaynes works on the field, he also excels in the classroom as he takes many difficult classes and had a 4.0+ GPA freshman year. “Balancing school work and sports can be pretty difficult because sometimes we won’t get home from games until 10 o’clock at night so it’s really important that you don’t procrastinate your work and that you get it all done as soon as possible” Jaynes says. Also in his free time, Jaynes likes to go to local soccer fields and shoot around with friends in his free time as well. All this hard work has paid off as Jaynes made the HSE Junior Varsity team this season after making the freshman team last year. Jaynes can also help the team out of tough places with his positive mindset and leadership as JV forward and teammate Davis Brown says “Carson has a high spirit and really can bring up the team and he is a technical player who works hard to earn his spot.”


With the amount of hard work Jaynes puts in, his leadership and importance to the Royals, and all of the technical skills needed to succeed on the field. It is safe to say that Jaynes has a bright future with the Royals and should only get better in the future as he continues to work hard.