SSN Athlete Feature: Harsahil Gandham

Jonathan Leeper

Sprinting down the sideline with the ball, ready to score, the crowd eager on their feet waiting for the quick player to cut in and sail a shot past the keeper. He hits the ball with his right foot, and you hear nothing but a ripple from the netting and the crowd at Hamilton Southeastern go wild.

Senior Harsahil Gandham would have never imagined this scenario happening until he moved to Fishers where he met a couple of friends who loved soccer. “I got interested into soccer after I moved to Fishers. Before that, I used to play basketball, which was mostly due to the fact that I loved watching Kobe Bryant and the Lakers play. I never really played soccer, I would simply just watch it sometimes,” Gandham said, “However, when I first moved to Fishers, all the kids in my neighborhood only played soccer, so to make new friends and fit in, I started playing with them just for fun.”

Gandham has been a key player for the Hamilton Southeastern Boys Varsity soccer team for much of this year’s season. Luke Lonneman has seen Gandham develop his skills during practices. “Harse has always been a quality player that’s faster and more athletic than everyone. Over the four years of High school, Harse has been working on his technical abilities, so he doesn’t have to rely on just his athleticism,” Lonneman said, “Harse brings a smile to the team everyday he’s on the field, he’s always in a good mood and helps lift the team’s spirits. At the same time, he understands how serious our season is, and puts in the work pushing everyone else on the field.” Gandham’s Teammates call him Mbappe, a very quick professional player for Paris Saint Germain.

Off the pitch, Gandham loves spending time with friends and family and loves playing videogames. “Other than soccer, I also love playing video-games with my friends like FIFA and NBA. I also love spending time with my family, especially my grandparents,” Gandham said, “I’m usually at their house all the time over the summer because both of my parents work all day, so I go there with my brother and I love just spending time and talking to them.”

Although Gandham’s four years of playing for HSE ends this season, he has been a great friend and a major help to the team.