HSE Senior Forms Fishers Car Club


When HSE senior, Nishant Murugesan, got his drivers license, his eyes were opened to the lack of youth representation in most already established car clubs/organizations. Instead of waiting around, Murugesan decided to take measures into his own hands and form the Fishers Car Club. Today, the club has become quite popular with 50 active members along with hundreds of followers on social media.

“I started this club with the intention of holding small cruises with a few of my friends on a small scale,” Murugesan said. “[Today] the club has grown way bigger than I could’ve imagined.”

The main objective of this club is to bring together a group of people all sharing the same passion for cars. This passion stems from the group’s belief that cars are not just for transportation, but a way for people to express themselves. No matter the price or class of the car, the Fishers Car Club openly embraces any make, model, or background.

“The club stands to connect people who believe in this and give them opportunity to share their ideas with a community,” Murugesan said. ” We firmly believe in bringing all sorts of car enthusiasts together.”

The Fishers Car Club is not just all talk about cars. The group meets regularly in the Central Indiana area and holds numerous events at parking lots, parking garages and even on some occasions, airports. However, the Fishers Car Club does not plan to stop there.

“I hope to scale this club even bigger,” Murugesan said. “I want to hold bigger rallies, bigger meets, and events at more exclusive locations.”

What began as a simple way for Murugesan and his friends to share their love for cars has grown into something much bigger and will continue to grow for years to come.