Student Broadcasts Return

Broadcast student Eric Bedrosian gives all the answers to the most commonly asked questions about the broadcasts

Bailey Lincoln

The HSETV student broadcasts have finally had their long awaited return since March of 2020. When interviewing broadcast member Eric Bedrosian, we were able to get all the answers to the questions about the upcoming daily broadcasts you didn’t even know you had!

Where can students watch the broadcast?

Students can watch the broadcast at, as well as other student produced segments, articles, and more.

When will the broadcast be posted?

The newscast will be posted each day on

Who is on the new broadcast team?

We have many new students on our broadcast team. The mass media kids are working hard to create content, while our veteran anchors are working in more segment- based newscasts.

Will it be played in class or will student watch it on their own?

Currently, students will watch the news on their own time, however we hope to have them shown in class when we get the time to do so.

What will the first broadcast cover?

The first newscast covered how the broadcasts will work for the year and featured some information on our new series “HSETV On The Road.” I definitely recommend students check it out!