Students Deciding to Return to School

Students Deciding to Return to School

Kennedy Fisher

The Hamilton Southeastern School District had been keeping students at home and online in hopes of slowing the curve of the Corona Virus since March 2020. Recently high school students have been given the choice to go back in to the building on a 50/50 school schedule. The choice of going back to school was a big decision for some students. There are many different changes to been seen in the building and protocols to follow.

Sophomore Kaidin Harris originally chose to go back to school on the 50/50 schedule. After two weeks of the new schedule Harris decided that his initial decision of going back to school was the wrong decision for him and switched to 100% virtual schooling.

“I originally chose to go in to school because I thought it would help me focus,” Harris said. “Two weeks in I saw no improvement because sitting in class for 80 minutes was too long.”

Senior Thomas Reising is sticking to the 50/50 school schedule and sees these school changes as a challenge and is ready to roll with the punches.

“It’s nobody’s ideal situation,” Reising said. “Being in school helps me build relationships with all of my teachers.”

After months of not being able to interact with their peers, some students made the decision to go in to school for social reasons. Due to social distancing rules, making masks mandatory, cutting the number of students entering the building in half by last name and new lunch – time seating arrangements, socializing became difficult.

“My friends and I got separated by our last names,” Harris said. “I haven’t seen them in months.”

With only half of the students in the building there are benefits.

“All my classes are smaller,” Reising said. “I am more comfortable asking questions.”

Elementary students have now gone back to school at full capacity. They get to be with all of their friends while following school district/CDC guidelines to keep each other safe.

“I think everyone going back [to school] would be easier,” Harris said. “Elementary is back, why aren’t we?”

While the decision of going in to school or staying virtual may come easier to some rather than others, there is still adjusting that needs to be done either way.