Community Night : Marching Band’s Unexpected Final Performance

Autumn Johnson

Due to the football game that was meant to be on October 16th being canceled, the marching band had to end off their season one day early and had their last performance the day before. That night was the community night for the marching band, where junior high kids could come and see what the marching band does. It allows them to see them up close and lets them practice with the band.  

The students in the marching band generally enjoyed their performance and the environment they were in. Junior Hazen Tong, a member of the marching band said, “I had a blast showing the junior high students some of the sets and teaching them about it. I overall had a lot of fun with it.” 

The band only performed one song, which is from the show “Mister Roger’s Neighborhood”. Many people showed up to watch them perform their last song. Junior Ethan Huston, a drum major for the marching band shared, “I am beyond ecstatic with this being our final performance. I wouldn’t have changed a single note of it.  

The night of the performance was cold, as it was around 40°F. Despite the chilling temperatures, the band was still entertaining to watch and listen to and made the environment as enjoyable as possible for the audience. Huston added to this by saying, “I went into the night thinking about how cold I was, but as the night progressed, I noticed how the energy throughout the band was phenomenal, and it really showed during our last performance. It turned out to be the best performance we had yet.” 

Though being in the marching band takes a lot of effort and time, they still manage to have as much fun as possible with it, as it’s commonly referred to as a “family” and is also apparent through the body language and jokes between the students.  

The band directors also gave a farewell message to their seniors, as this was their absolute last performance in the marching band. At the end of the song, the directors had all the seniors come up to the track to give them the recognition they deserved.  

Though the performance overall was enjoyable, there was still the major flaw of not having had any competitions, and not going to their usual locations. At the end of the year, it is usual for the marching band to perform at the Lucas Oil Stadium to give them a chance to perform outside of school property and to show off their talent. Also, due to circumstances this year, the marching band could only perform, and no competitions were held. Tong’s response to this is, “I would have loved to have ended it in the Lucas Oil Stadium rather than the high school football field, as it gives a better sense of completion, satisfaction, and achievement. I also would have liked to have had at least one competition as well.” 

Though this may have been an unusual wrap-up for the marching band, it’s apparent it was still a good one.