Make-A-Wish Adapts Fundraising Amidst COVID Limitations

Ellie Johnson

During this time of social distancing, mask-wearing, and isolating, it has been very difficult for school clubs to meet in person, let alone hold events. For clubs that run on the basis of interaction between students this presents a challenge, but for the high school’s Make-A-Wish Club, an even larger challenge has been presented due to Coronavirus.

The Make-A-Wish club at the high school has now been a club for over five years, and has raised thousands to help grant children in need a “wish”. The club has been very successful in their mission in the past, and members hope to continue that success this year, even amidst many obstacles. “Going into our fifth year as a club, we have been able to raise around $25,000 overall. So far we have been able to raise $1,000 this school year, but we have a long ways to go to be able to grant another wish,” Senior and club co-president Brianna Wright says.

The biggest obstacle being faced by the club currently is their inability to have organized fundraising events. In a typical year, the club would host many events including a parents night out, Halloween Haunted House for children, and a Christmas event. These events were the main source of fundraising for the club, so members have had to develop ways to adapt to this situation and still meet their goals.

Luckily, the Make-A-Wish exec team has stepped up by providing new outlets to be used for fundraising. The club’s social media accounts have been extremely helpful in communicating with members of the club, as well as getting the word out to community members about fundraising. “This year we have put on an online fundraiser called Workout for Wishes where our club members and partnering gym members asked for donations while completing workout challenges,” Wright says. This type of online fundraiser helped the club raise over $800.

Although this time has been difficult for many, members of the Make-A-Wish club are still working tirelessly to provide for those fighting for their lives daily, and those who the least of their worries is having to wear a mask all day.