SSN Athlete Feature: Rohan Golla

Brock Cardinal

Balancing the Books with the Racket 

After some encouragement from his father and a few years of practice, sophomore Rohan Golla tried out for the tennis team his first year of high school. Through his devotion to the sport and work ethic, Golla made the varsity team as a freshman. Throw a few AP classes and DECA in the mix, and Golla was already waist deep in his high school experience, only a few months after it started. 

Golla picked up the sport of tennis during his fifth grade year after he lost interest in soccer, which he played for a few years prior. His interest in tennis came from his dad, who also played in high school and urged him to pick up a racket. 

“My dad played tennis in high school and he kind of pushed me into it,” said Golla. “He still coaches me.” 

The lives of high schoolers are always full of balancing social relationships, school, and sports in some cases. Golla is no stranger to time management, as has taken multiple AP classes, plays varsity tennis and is involved in DECA. 

It was hard balancing tennis and school at the same time, especially first semester,” said Golla. “I pulled all-nighters a bunch. It was truly a grind.” 

Not only does he enjoy tennis, but the dynamic of the team makes for a great way for Golla to spend time with his friendsOne of those friends is sophomore Paul Schneider, who has been playing with Golla throughout their high school careers. 

Rohan is a great guy on and off the court,” said Schneider. “He is very calm and doesn’t let anything get to him.” 

Outside of school and tennis, Golla enjoys an occasional round of golf and swimming. Being caught up in tennis, high-level courses in school, and a club, Golla says he does not find himself with a lot of free time. 

Throughout his high school sports career, Golla has had thoughts about playing tennis in college. However, with another two years to continue thinking about it, Golla believes he has not had enough experience to think that far ahead. He will continue to take things one step at a time. 


Feature image contributed by SSN staff members.