Bridging the Gap: A Spotlight on Amauri Jean-Claude

Left to right: Amauri and Ashanti Jean-Claude with their mother Jacquelyn Robinson.

After graduating highschool, most students enroll in college or go straight into their job field after learning a trade. However, Amauri Jean-Claude and her twin sister Ashanti are pursuing a path less typical.

“I wanted to take a bridge year because it provides an amazing learning opportunity” Senior Amauri Jean-Claude said. “I could learn about other cultures, travel to new countries, and learn aspects of business first hand.”

Initially, Amauri was the first to think about taking a bridge year, but her sister Ashanti quickly realized the value and decided to join as well. The two are very close, and describe each other as their best friend.

“We decided, why not do it with your best friend?” Amauri said. “It would be truly amazing to experience all these things with my best friend, and Ashanti felt the same way.”

The two sisters chose Education First, an international education company that specializes in language training, educational travel, academic degree programs, and cultural exchange. They have several tours that last only a few weeks to an entire year. Each one has a different angle that aims to help students develop a certain skill that will help them later in life.

“I want to be an international business owner in the art and design industry,” Jean-Claude said. “I believe this program will prepare me for the business world by allowing me to experience the industry and gain new perspectives.”

However, this tour comes at a steep price. The sisters already work multiple jobs and run their own side hustles, but it’s still not enough. They have started a gofundme and even partnered with family friend Andre, who owns Andres BBQ & Seafood, to raise funds for their trip. 

“It’s expensive, but 100% worth it.” Jean-Claude said. “I’m so thankful for everyone who has supported us so far, and thankful for anyone who decides to support us in the future.”

Their goal is to raise $10,000 dollars for their bridge year, their gofundme is linked below.