Moving Forward

Tristan Fluhr

Black Student Union Continues Mission Through Calls for Social Justice

The year 2020 has been difficult for all extracurriculars and the Black Student Union is no different. However, the calls for social justice through the Black Lives Matter movement have highlighted the need and importance for the Black Student Union at HSE.

“[BSU] plays a vital role in the Black Lives Matter movement,” Sponsor Jagga Rent said. “What we try to do in BSU is to build capacity with our student body. We want to involve a lot of people into this battle against injustice.”

While the COVID-19 Pandemic has made meetings difficult, the message that the Black Student Union is trying to spread has been consistent. A majority of the board of last year’s Black Student Union graduated in the spring and this fall, the new board members picked right up where the previous administration concluded.

“I believe right now, with the current racial climate, assuming a role as an educator and advocator is more important than ever,” Senior Raeghan Jefferson said. “Knowing that I am in a position with resources to help me lead, educate, and create safe spaces for minority expression involves a great amount of gratitude and appreciation.”

The Black Student Union has partnered with the Muslim Student Association, Gay Straight Alliance, and the BringChange2Mind club to build a platform in which to magnify the social injustice throughout the nation.

“Part of our mission is to shed light,” Rent said. “To be a voice and a beacon for students that are marginalized and not heard. We want BSU to provide that avenue for people to be heard.”

While the call for social justice always has to be in the forefront of our minds to make real change, the Black Student Union has emphasized the importance of being vigilant in behaviors and thoughts towards every student at HSE. Story by Tristan Fluhr