First Round of Covid Vaccine Administered in the US

Emily Crousore

The Coronavirus pandemic has caused over 299,000 deaths in the United States. On Dec. 10th it was decided to allow the administration of the Pfizer vaccine, beginning with healthcare workers. A clinical trial for the vaccine was started in July and since has been said to be about 95 percent effective. Other countries such as Canada, Australia and Switzerland have also bought doses of the vaccine to be administered.

The first round of administration in the United States began on Dec. 14th with numerous health care workers around the country receiving the vaccine. Sandra Lindsay was the first person in America to receive the vaccine in New York. Although the vaccine has given people hope, leaders are still urging people to take the safety precautions set against the virus.

“This will not replace hygienic measures — it will be an adjunct to hygienic measures,” said Dr. Paul Offit, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania and a member of the F.D.A.’s vaccine advisory panel. “You owe it to others to make sure you wear a mask.”

With this distribution, many are defining Decl.14th as a historic date and a light at the end of a tunnel.