Holiday Season Festivities Review

Heidi Schlabach

With Winter Break and the many different holidays coming up this season, many of Indianapolis’s annual events have come around again. However, just as everything else in 2020, there are many differences between this year and last.

One of the major differences between this year and last is that we will all be missing out on Carmel’s Christkindlmarkt this season. The Carmel Christkindlmarkt is an annual German Holiday Market that is set up with many different authentic food and drink stands, completed with an outdoor ice skating rink in the midst of it all. Unfortunately, due to Covid Carmel decided to avoid risk and not open the markets this season. As missed as it will be, it is definitely something that I recommend to anyone that can make it in the upcoming years.

Another annual tradition that is visited by many HSE students is the Newfields lights display. A beautiful walk-through display with many different picture locations, this location is a top-choice for many people. Unfortunately, the location being top-choice for many people leads to some really long waits. Junior Kaylee Etheredge attempted to go with her friends, but they ended up not being able to attend due to a four hour wait. Many people have also said that with the changes this year, the walk through goes by very fast. In the end, the enjoyment here is very dependent on how patient of a person you are and how long you are willing to wait for the festivities.

There are many traditions this time of year, variations from family to family and from friend to friend. But keep in mind that although traditions are important, there is still a pandemic happening around us. This year is a great time to look on the bright side and potentially make some new traditions that would be safe in our current environment. Driving around in a car with your family and looking at lights or even baking cookies and watching a movie at home can be just as fun, but much more safe!