SSN: Q&A with Logan Callaghan

With the previous baseball season out the window, Senior pitcher Logan Callaghan talks about the struggles and adjustments with Covid-19.

Lee Cook

Q: With the 2020 season being canceled due to the outbreak of Covid-19, what has been the biggest key for you to stay ready for the 2021 season?

A: “The biggest key for me has just been training as much as possible. The season feels like it’s right around the corner so right now is all work.”

Q: What Covid-19 preparations and precautions have you and other members of the team taken to make sure you have a season?

A: “I would say we have been doing everything we can. A couple guys including myself have been quarantined throughout the off season so heading towards the season we will have to be extra careful”

Q: What has been the biggest change for you in order to adapt to new protocols within baseball?

A: “As for a lot of people, working out with a mask on definitely isn’t ideal but if it will keep us up and running, I’m all in.”

Q: Has Covid-19 benefited the team in anyway? If so, how?

A: “Obviously wouldn’t say that Covid-19 has been a huge benefit, but I think it changed a lot of our perspectives and made us realize just how important every day we have together is. Every day we get to practice together is a privilege and Covid has definitely made me cherish and take advantage of every moment.”

Q: With being a senior, what are your plans beyond this senior season? Do you plan to play baseball in college? Did Covid-19 have an effect on that decision?

A: “After high school I’ll be attending Indiana University to study finance. I would say Covid had an impact on this decision but I’m excited, nonetheless. Go Royals!”