Top Apps to Help with School

Bailey Lincoln

With the evolution of education throughout the pandemic, it has been vital now more than ever to take extra steps to ensure students keep on top of their school work and find methods that work best for them to stay organized, on task, and efficient. To all the students still struggling to find something that works for them, here’s a compilation of apps other HSE students have states helped them throughout the course of the year with online and hybrid classes.

1. Flora

Developed by: AppFinca Inc.

Release: 2017

Purpose: Flora promotes students to turn on a timer and lock them out of their phone so they are less likely to be distracted and go on their phone rather than studying, reading, or even driving. It works by setting a timer for a specific amount of time and if you leave the app at any point, it will remind you to return to the app and not open anything else before eventually cancelling the timer and giving you a punishment. The punishment is a virtual plant dying and the goal is to keep off your phone for long enough for a plant to grow and can be added to your virtual garden. You can also use the calendar feature to set aside a certain time to read for a class for study for a test weeks prior to it being due.

2. My Study Life

Developed By: My Study Life, Ltd

Release: 2013

Purpose: My Study Life is an all in one place tracker for assignments, reminders on upcoming tests, or quizzes, and help you visualize your schedule. It has a feature to be synced up to all your devices so there’s never a time where two things contradict each other. Calendar and schedule events can be synced from Canvas Calendar events, posted directly from your teachers. The app can also remind you to study for a test or quiz multiple times in smaller increments days in advanced so you don’t get overloaded with work and are more likely to retain the information.

3. Spotify

Developed By: Spotify Technology S.A.

Release: 2008

Purpose: Seeming like an obvious app, Spotify or other music apps can help you get into the speed of things when studying and make time while doing homework go much faster. Spotify also has features of generated premade playlists for any occasion like such as studying. They have study playlists made available, “lo-fi” playlists (or playlist of songs with no lyrics to distract you”, and a large array of available podcasts with varying topics and genres.

4. PhotoMath

Developed By: Deputat Family Corp.

Release: 2014

Purpose: Initially looking, PhotoMath can be used just to cheat through classes. However when used correctly, PhotoMath can teach you step by step how to solve a problem and can help you find what step you are going wrong at.

5. Reminders

Developed By: Apple Inc.

Release: 2011

Purpose: The standard Reminders app that comes with every iPhone is such a simple app but a staple in many students organization methods. The app can display push notifications on the users home screen until it is marked as complete, which can help students remember to complete and submit homework assignments. The apps mechanics also make it super easy for you to quickly take your phone out, open the app, and write down the assignment before the teacher moves on.