Yet Another Setback for Tiger Woods

Turner Graves

At approximately 7:12 AM local time on Tuesday, February 23rd, Tiger Woods was involved in a single car accident that has since left him recovering at multiple hospitals. Woods suffered “comminuted open fractures” to his fibula and tibia in his right leg, as well as a shattered ankle and tissue damage in his leg. His injuries were serious, but non life-threatening. “Comminuted” describes a break into more than 2 pieces, and “open” means that the bone broke through the skin. Obviously a devastating injury and tragedy to many across the world, this puts the remainder of Woods’s golf career in question. The 45 year old was already recovering from his 5th back surgery, which the golfer announced on January 19th would sideline him for at least the first two months of the Tour. Just two days before his scary crash, he was seen in an interview with CBS’s Jim Nantz saying “God, I hope so. I gotta get there first.” when asked about his status for the Masters in April.

This crash serves as yet another setback for Woods, someone who has experienced many throughout his 25 year career. In 2009, Woods crashed his Cadillac into a fire hydrant right outside his home, leading to scandal throughout the golf world. He was charged with careless driving, and although the true details of that night never came out, loads of speculation led to many people looking negatively at the event. News of him having countless affairs, all while married, surfaced a month later causing Woods to take a 5 month break from golf. The following years saw many uncharacteristic rounds from Tiger, including missed cuts, multiple withdrawals and injuries along the way. MCL sprains, Achilles strains, and more back troubles were the headlines for Tiger Woods  from 2009-2017. It’s safe to say that Woods hasn’t had the easiest road to success.

In April of 2019, Tiger would win the Masters, marking a comeback for the ages. This  led him to become a hero to many, and someone who was looked up to again around the world after many years of controversy. What does this have anything to do with his recovery now? Well, it shows that it’s possible. I’m sure the vast majority of golf fans are okay if Tiger doesn’t hit another ball ever again, as long as he’s okay, myself included. Is that how Tiger feels, though? After encountering countless obstacles, hearing that his career was over multiple times, in times where many thought he would, Woods never quit. Now to say that this isn’t the biggest obstacle yet would be silly, authorities said that the Genesis he was driving as well as his seatbelt saved his life. Not many people could ever consider returning to greatness after a tragedy like this, but if anyone can do it, it’s Tiger.