SSN: Cowboy’s GM Jerry Jones Donates $20 Million

Billionaire and Cowboy’s owner, president, and general manager Jerry Jones donated $20 million to the National Medal of Honor Museum On Thursday. Jones made the charitable donation after hearing about the museum’s plans to open a new location in Arlington, Texas. Original plans were to start construction in 2023, after enough money and resources were gathered by the museum. However, after the donation by Jones, the plans have already started rolling. Construction on the newest Medal of Honor Museum is now planned to begin this year, with the projected opening date to be sometime in 2024.

Potential Design For New Location

Jones contributes his reasoning for the donation to the brave men and women that serve the United States, stating “Never in my l

ife have I had the opportunity to stand beside those who have given so much for the defense of freedom and our way of life,” Jones said. “Medal of Honor recipients represent the very best of America and the values to which all heroes aspire. Supporting this project is a privilege.” His donation is not near finished either, with plans to continue supporting the museum’s needs as the project grows.

Jones also has personal connections to the museum, with his daughter Charlotte Jones being the museum’s chair of the board. Charlotte also helps manage and operate the Cowboy’s social media. “This is an incredible opportunity for us to take this moment to recognize the bravest of the brave in our country,” Charlotte Jones said through Twitter. “This is a day to honor them. This is a day to remember them… This is our day to say thank you.”

Between Jone’s donation and donations from other contributors, the total funds raised so far have reached a total of $70 million with a projected $100 million by the end of May. If you are wanting to donate to the cause yourself, you can donate to the link below.

Donation Link