Hse Student Gets A Start in Modeling

Hse Sophomore Gets Sneak Peek Into Her Possible Future

The modeling industry is definitely one of the most difficult and coveted industries to be apart of . One of the students at Hamilton Southeastern has dipped her toes into the water when it comes to the industry. Sophomore Julianne Mclean has become signed to an agency and has even participated in a few test shoots with the agency.

“I had submitted to many modeling agencies before my friend had introduced me to Blondetalent,” Said Mclean “I never officially applied to be apart of their agency, we just started talking and I ended up signing with them!” Even though she didn’t initially get a start in modeling, Mclean was able to take beautiful portrait test shoot.

Mclean has posted a few photos taken on her Instagram, which is below. Mclean has gotten a lot of positive feedback from the photos. The photos are professionally taken by two photographers based in Indiana.

Mclean also has plans in her future to continue with her new found love of modeling. If she does not become a model, she has other plans in mind.

“Yes, I really hope to continue modeling in the future! It’s a super tough industry but so far I’ve loved every minute,” Mclean describes, “If I don’t continue modeling, I hope to work with fashion, but I’m not really sure yet still. I’m also still trying to figure out what kind of modeling fits me best. Recently, I’ve been looking into editorial or commercial.”

Mclean is not the only upcoming model at school, I would also like to mention Junior Olivia Lund. Lund was in a magazine in Ukraine, her photos are also on her Instagram. Unfortunately, Lund didn’t respond in time for when this article was written, but she looked gorgeous nonetheless. Let’s say both of these beautiful young women are taking initiative to show their true outer and inner beauty.

Overall, Mclean as well as Lund, look beautiful and confident as new found models. Story By Trinity Mackenzie

Julianne’s Instagram; @juliannem2

Olivia’s Instagram: @_olivialund

Photo Credits: Callie Taylor and Devon Mason