The Chosen

The Chosen is the first multi-season show about the life of Jesus Christ. The funding for the show comes 100% from viewer donations. Making season one the highest crowd-funded TV series of all time. The series does its best to relate the characters in the show to the viewers. For example, Simon, a character in the show, struggled with financial issues and being able to pay his taxes. Many people in todays life also struggle with this exact problem. Dallas Jenkins, the director and creator of The Chosen, says they are planning to make 7 full seasons. To view this show, simply download the mobile app, or go to their YouTube channel. Viewers can also purchase the show in a DVD.

Season 1 was released December 24, 2017, including 8 episodes around 45 minutes each. The series was made for everyone, whether you’re a christian or not. They stayed true to the events in the Gospel, while adding some parts to make the show flow smoothly. Season 1 focuses on the life of Jesus, and the gathering of his disciples. Giving the viewers a unique view on the life of Jesus through the lens of the people around him. In season 1, many miracles were¬† performed by Jesus. For example, in episode 6 he heals a man of leprosy.

Season 2, episode 1 of The Chosen was released April 4th on Easter. This 8 episode season focuses on the preparation Jesus and his disciples take for the sermon on the mountain.

The show is currently available in 70 languages and plans to reach even more languages in the future. Their goal is for The Chosen to reach 1 billion people. They are currently at 128 million views, as it continues to rise every day.