Chicken Salad Chick: Restaurant Review

Madeline Nelsen

The Fishers district is home to 35 new and fresh restaurants. The Chicken Salad Chick recently opened, on April 6, in the heart of the district. This restaurant is a unique take on chicken salad. Chicken Salad Chick is open for dinning Monday through Saturday from 10am-8pm. Orders can also be made on their website or app to skip the line.

Chicken Salad Chick was first founded in 2008 in Auburn, Alabama.  There are now 192 locations with 4 locations in Indiana. Stacy Brown and her husband, Kevin Brown, are the founders of this company. Brown was a stay-at-home mom that started to make her own chicken salad recipe for her family and neighbors. Since her chicken salad was gaining popularity, Brown and her husband opened a carry-out only business and the rest is history!

I had a great experience at Chicken Salad Chick. The restaurant felt very welcoming and warm with that southern hospitality. The line was long, but it moved quickly and there was lucky a table open to eat at. I had a sandwich with scoop of Buffalo Barclay on a croissant. The most popular chicken salads are Fancy Nancy and Sassy Scotty. While the most unique combination was the “something special” favor, Dill-icious Diva. The staff was very accommodating and friendly. I would highly recommend Chick Salad Chick because you can easily get a different meal each time you go!

Chicken Salad Chick continues to expand as their franchises grow across the United States. This is an unforgettable restaurant. The dining area has a cozy feel while the 12 unique favors of chicken salad bring a different meal experience to the Fishers district.