Q and A: Girl’s Lacrosse

Three members answered question about this years season

Trinity Mackenzie

Sophomore Alex Dean and Freshmen Laney Soper and Emma Johnson answered a couple questions about their lacrosse season.

Question: In one word, how would you describe this years season?


Alex: To describe this season in one word it would be unforgettable.

Laney: One word for the season would be perseverance. Both Varsity and Junior Variety were able to push though any and all circumstances that were thrown at us this year.

Emma: I mean it was amazing, being a freshman on varsity at first I was scared but after the second practice I would of thought that I knew the girls my whole life.

Question: Did this year, given the circumstances, prove difficult for the team?


Alex: Although this year was very unpredictable, I really think that our team did an amazing job given the circumstances. I really feel that going through something like this honestly brought us closer together.

Laney: It definitely made the gatherings such as practices and games a bit tougher, but we were able to push through and still have an amazing season. Even with some games canceled, we still had games and practices that helped us to prepare for next year or other teams.

Emma: No, we all became one big family and didn’t let the circumstance come in our way. we did still respect the other schools rules and the obvious rules.

Question: What has been your favorite part of the season?


Alex: My favorite part of the season probably would have to be winning games and having our team bondings. Doing those really made us stronger as a team.

Laney: Getting to know the girls on the team and playing the sport we all bond over. it was so nice to be in with a great group of people and girls who support you no matter what.

Emma: My favorite part of this season was getting super close to my teammates and becoming really close with them.

Question: As a team, what has been the best thing that has happened in the season? 


Alex: I think the best thing that has happened this season is the fact that everyone tried something new! Whether that was a new position, play, or even a new trick, we all had something to learn. Each person contributed in their own way! Being able to learn and grow from each other is something our team is really good at!

Laney: I think even with the pandemic looming over us, we became such a close knit group. It truly is like another family. The team has been so supportive and they are such a great and wonderful group of girls. I’m so happy and grateful to have had them this season.

Emma: I would say the best thing as a team that has happened this season was definitely going out and winning the mudsock game.