Can these SAT preparation tips bump your SAT score?

Kaiden Corliss

One of the most stressful things for High school students is the SAT. Many hours are spent by students to prepare and study for this strenuous exam. But what exactly is the SAT?


The SAT is a standardized test taken typically by high school students that is used in the application process of colleges. The test’s purpose is to measure the student’s ability to answer questions and demonstrate characteristics that are ideal for enrollment in college.


While the test is a widely debated subject with many arguing its efficiency in representing a student to a college board the test is still used in many colleges today. The Director of Guidance at Hamilton Southeastern High School Nancy Herndon shares a similar opinion about the SAT. Some students are better at taking tests than others and one test shouldn’t represent a student’s years of work and academic knowledge, said Herndon.


According to Herndon many colleges and universities are changing their previous systems for college admission. Many colleges are switching to test preferred and using students’ academic data rather than requiring students to take the SAT, said Herndon in the interview I had with her.


If more and more colleges are driving away from SAT testing and many find the test to be inaccurate why is it still being used today? The short answer is it helps summarize academic skills used throughout high school and that will be used in a college setting.


Now that the purpose of the SAT has been identified what are some ways for students to help prepare for it? Herndon suggested repetition and practice. Practice tests such as the PSAT and free online tests such as the ones on Khan Academy through the college board website are structured to mimic the SAT and provide a student with familiarity as well as practice to prepare for the real test, said Herndon.


When further asked about the PSAT becoming a graduation pathway for HSE Herndon expressed her liking for the practice test. The PSAT is good practice for students and provides data for students to review and improve upon when studying to take the SAT, said Herndon.


Overall, the SAT is controversial and is being faded out of the application processes for many colleges however it is still used widely and provides helpful data for not only colleges but students. With that the best ways to prepare for the SAT are practice tests that can be found in multiple places such as online resources or physical practice packets and familiarity with the types of questions that are present on the test.