Luke Andritsch LLS Student of the Year Campaign


Eyes ahead, senior Luke Andritsch races against other students during a Cross Country meet.

Hannah Elkins

When senior Luke Andritsch was only 4 years old, his family was hit with the news that no family wants to hear. Andritsch was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, or ALL, a type of blood cancer.

Early on into his treatment, the Leukemia Lymphoma Society stepped into his family’s life. Leukemia Lymphoma Society, also referred to as LLS, is an organization that proved families with hope and a purpose to push through the battles that many families are facing. LLS raises money through triathlons, marathons, and many other events to fund the research of blood cancer. Supporting families isn’t all that LLS does. LLS has developed over half of the recent treatments found and is continuing to find a cure and the safest way to treat patients of all ages.

Recently Andritsch was selected as a candidate for Leukemia Lymphoma Society’s 2022 Student of the Year.

“It means so much to be nominated for student of the year,” says Andritsch. “All that LLS has done for me and my family I am excited to be able to have that impact on another family that has to go through this horrible disease. “

Andritsch is having a 7-week campaign and he’s looking for the help of HSE Students. Although he can’t begin collecting money until January, the most important thing to do is spread the word.

“Although I am ‘competing’ with other students from across the state we are all a team together. We are all working toward the same goal of ending the disease together,” says Andritsch. “So keep your eyes out for more information! I can’t wait to raise money and do as much good for this community as I can!”

As soon as his campaign begins this story will be updated with the links to his campaign and where to donate.

Until January Andritsch will be campaigning on social media. Make sure to give him a follow and spread the word!
@lukeandritsch and @andritsch_soy_2022