Meet HSE Wrestling’s First Girl State Qualifier

Hannah Elkins

Junior Emily Anderson is Hamilton Southeastern’s first girl wrestler to qualify for state.

“It feels surreal and so rewarding to have come as far as I have. It really is an honor to be HSE’s first wrestler to qualify for Girl’s state,” says Anderson. “It means so much to me to get to represent HSE at girl’s state and makes me not want to let our school down.”

Wrestling has always been a part of Anderson’s life. Anderson’s brother wrestles and she grew up attending his matches.

“For years, I watched my little brother at all of his wrestling meets, and wished I could be the one competing, despite not being a guy.” says Anderson. “So, I emailed the coach asking if girls were allowed on the wrestling team, and I started wrestling. Then I fell in love with the sport.”

Although this is only Anderson’s second year wrestling for HSE, she has had her fair share of challenges she’d had to overcome. Anderson had broken her collarbone earlier this year while playing Rugby.

“I could not wrestle for months,” says Anderson. “Coming back to wrestling was hard, because my collarbone would still hurt doing some moves.”

“It’s a tough sport, but it’s SO rewarding and worth it.” Anderson says. “It is such a supportive atmosphere.” Photo Contributed

Anderson was able to bounce back from her injury, and stayed motivated to better herself as a wrestler. “This year I have been motivated by my team and my goals.” says Anderson. “Last year I was so supported and believed in by my family, and all the guys and the coaches, which helped me realize that I can and should believe in myself.”

Anderson has a message to other girls thinking about joining wrestling.

“Just do it. I was a little shy and nervous my first day, but if I had been too scared to try, I wouldn’t have found my favorite sport.” says Anderson. “Women’s wrestling is such a fast-growing sport, and HSE would love to grow our girls’ team, by having more girls on it. So, I’d say, just try it!”

Anderson and HSE Wrestlers will be competing at the Hoosier Crossroads Conference, January 15th at Avon High School. Make sure to support Anderson and HSE Wrestling!