HSE Girls Varsity Soccer Taylor Cook speaks about her off-season

Izzy Kistler

Sports at Hamilton Southeastern are to say the least, very competitive. The HSE girl’s varsity soccer team coached by Greg Davidson is arguably one of the most competitive amongst the rest. Girl’s soccer at Hamilton Southeastern is a fall sport so their off-season takes place over the course of the winter and spring and picks back up around July.

Junior, Taylor Cook, gives an insight as to what her off-season looks like and what it consists of. She has been on the varsity soccer team for one year and predicted to play varsity for a second year as a senior.

During the off-season Cook plays for Indy Premier Soccer Club. She focuses most on keeping a high intensity at practice and holds herself accountable to go to practice even when she has a load of schoolwork to do.

“My biggest motive during the off-season is simply just the desire and passion I have for the game,” Cook said. “I continue to play during the off-season to keep my skills for high school season.”

Cook enjoys the game of soccer and the friendships made throughout the season playing at Hamilton Southeastern. Many of players could also vouch that for Cook as well.

“My goal going into next high school season with the girls apart of the HSE soccer program is to pick up right where the past seniors left the team,” Cook said. “They created an environment never to be seen in HSE girl’s soccer. I hope to be a leader for all the girls as well.”

The off-season is the most important season. Preparing, training, practicing, etc. for what really matters in the upcoming season. The varsity team’s main priority is making it to the state championship next season. Cook is hoping to be a part of making it there. Story by Izzy Kistler