SSN: Q&A with Paul Schneider

Davis Gerig

Today I sat down and interviewed this year’s two singles HSE varsity tennis player Paul Schnieder. We talked about a review of this past season and what he needs to do to better his game, going into his senior year.  


Q: How did the season go for you and your team? 

A: Well, we didn’t end the season how we wanted to, losing in regionals to North Central, but it helped us learn a ton about our team and what we can do to become better. Our one doubles team of Andrew Spirrison and Aidan Dewitt as they went to state. 

Q: What was it like when you heard the news about Weber resigning? 

A: It just put a hole in my heart, Weber was the type of coach you want to play for, because he was very energetic, and always wanted what was best for us. He wanted school to come first, but also wanted to win. His favorite goal every season was of course to beat Fishers.  

Q: What are your goals for your senior season? 

A: Obviously I want to win a state championship, either a team state or an individual state. I also want to receive a division one offer and hope my tournaments in the summer will help me. I just want to improve my skill and craft everyday. If I receive a division one offer I would be extremely happy, because it would make my year.  

We will see what happens next season but as for Paul he is hoping to improve his game, and win a state, also he would love a division one offer.