Get Excited! Student Council’s Food Drive, Spirit Week

Starting Monday, March 21st: Dress Up Days! Food Drive! Prizes and More!

Lauren Kopka

Student Council’s Spirit Week themes during the annual Food Drive. Student council has been hosting this school-wide effort for a decade. “It’s a great way to give back and help others,” Student Council’s Director of Publicity, Chelsea Murdock said. “It is so important that our HSE community reaches out to help our Fishers and Indiana community as well.” (@hsestuco)

Spring Break is just around the corner Royals! Students all around the school are experiencing more intense schoolwork as teachers try to fit in tests and projects before break as well as that mid-year slump where your brain turns into mush and your willingness to learn is gone. You’re just trudging around waiting for break and for whatever fun plans are in store for you.

But guys, HSE News is here to report that there are still many good things ahead of us before we enter Spring Break and among those things are Student Council’s Food Drive and Spirit Week.

From March 21st to the 28th, Student Council is hosting its annual food drive with food donations going to the Come to Me food pantry.

“[The Food Drive] is one of Student Council’s longest traditions here at HSE,” Student Council’s Director of Publicity, Chelsea Murdock said. “It is a fantastic opportunity to give back to those in need on a consistent basis.”

The food drive has been run by Student Council for a decade and students might remember it previously being run in the fall semester. Last year, students brought in over eight thousand cans and Student Council is aiming to beat that number this year.

“Students can Bring in nonperishable food items to the commons in their designated class bin during the week of March 21st-29th”, Student Council President Katie Hite said. “The class with the most cans will be getting a prize.”

Along with the Food Drive, there will also be corresponding dress up days starting on Monday, March 21st. Specific details can be seen in the picture above.

There will also be a corn hole tournament held after school next Thursday, where teams of two will compete in a bracket tournament to win a $50 gift card. The winners will be the winner of the tournament as well as the team who brought in the most nonperishable food items for the Food Drive. Sign-ups for the tournament are now closed, but students are still encouraged to show up and show support for their favorite duo participating.

So, Royals! The Food Drive starts Monday. Bring in cans, show your spirit in the dress up days and hep Student Council make a positive impact on our school and our community.  Story by Lauren Kopka. Photo from @hsestuco on Instagram.